6 STAFF SCIENTISTTHOMAS LILLO, CENTER, CONDUCTS RESEARCH USING A TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPE ATTHE CENTER FOR ADVANCED ENERGY STUDIES. EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES Scanning Electron Microscopy • FEI Quanta 650 SEM, EDS/WDS/EBSD, heating stage • JEOL JSM-6610V SEM, EDS/EBSD/CL (at Center for Advanced Energy Studies) • Electron backscatter diffraction expertise Transmission Electron Microscopy • FEITecnaiTF 30 G2 FEG Supertwin, EDS/ASTAR/Hummingbird heating stage (at Center for Advanced Energy Studies) Confocal Microscopy • Nikon 5 laser excitation 32-channel spectrometer confocal microscope (laser range: 400-640 nm) Expertise and Capabilities Expertise and Capabilities