12 THIS 1,000-kN LOAD FRAME IS CAPABLE OFTESTING LARGE COMPONENTS SUCH AS AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR PARTSTO MEASURE HOW MUCH FORCETHEY CAN WITHSTAND. Nine electromechanical load frames • Eight with 100-kN capacity • One with 150-kN capacity Four servo-electric frames (100-kN capacity) • DPD crack growth monitoring system • Agilent 7890A GC system to monitor gas in and out of chamber 21 different creep frames with up to 20:1 lever arrangement can be configured for accurate force application down to the 100-N level for very high temperature creep testing at very low stress levels. Total of 47 load frames Two INL custom-built stress- relaxation systems, up to 50 kN force measurement capability and precision strain control Charpy ImpactTester, 325-Nm capacity 11 servo-hydraulic frames • One 5/50-kN • Eight 100-kN • One 500-kN • One 1-MN Expertise and Capabilities EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES