5 Thomas Szewczyk Electrical and Computer Engineer M.Eng.,ElectricalandComputerEngineering, UniversityofLouisville B.Sc.,ElectricalandComputerEngineering (Physicsminor),UniversityofLouisville Areas of expertise: • Tracking algorithms and data fusion: Kalman filter, Particle filters, etc. • Visualization of scientific data • Data communication protocols • Development utilizing CAVE immersive visualization • Embedded systems development Jing Zhou Chemical Engineer Ph.D.,ChemicalEngineering,UniversityofUtah M.Sc.,ControlScienceandEngineering,Beijing UniversityofChemicalTechnology,China B.Sc.,AutomationEngineering, BeijingUniversityofChemicalTechnology,China Areas of expertise: • Numerical simulation of crack/damage initiation and evolution (propagation) under hydraulic fluid injection, thermal effects or reaction using advanced numerical methods, e.g., discrete and finite element methods • Multiphase flow simulation in porous medium using control volume finite element modeling with thermal and chemical reaction effects • Numerical simulations of fully coupled convection-diffusion-reaction problem with phase change • Numerical simulations of materials, microstructure change/evolution using discrete element method • History matching and inverse modeling with Ensemble Kalman Filter and other gradient- based methods • Petrophysics modeling based on well log information and model parameter calibration using data assimilation • Unstructured mesh generation and triangulation optimization Alexander Abboud Chemical Engineer Ph.D.,ChemicalEngineering, UniversityofUtah B.Sc.,ChemicalEngineering, UniversityofCalifornia,Davis Areas of expertise: • Multiphase computational fluid dynamics • Model development and validation • Glass waste vitrification and conjugate heat transfer • Multiphase and turbulent flow modeling and simulations • Numerical methods DEPARTMENTAL AREAS OF PROFICIENCY C; C++ on Linux, Mac and MicrosoftWindows platforms; C#; Fortran; Objective-C; Javascript; Java; Maple; Matlab; Monte Carlo; Unity; ESRI; D3; Mobile (iOS and Android); PETSc;Trilinos;Tecplot; CUBIT; Comsol; SGeMS; SCons; COMSOL 4.2; ABAQUS; ORCAD;VMD; Packmol; LinkCAD; AutoCAD; LabView; PROTEL;ThermoCalc; Dictra; MorphoSurf; MorphoHawk™;VASP; LAMMPS; Micress; JMatPro SCALE; MCNP5; HELIOS; RESRAD; OLI Stream Analyzer; ab initio calculations; MedeA; Ovito; Ansys; CMG; Petrel; Eclipse.