23 Impedance Measurement Box for Battery HealthTesting The Impedance Measurement Box prototype was developed for INL’s Energy Storage group.This effort resulted in the licensing of the technology to Colorado-based DynexusTechnology. A working system from MontanaTech was used as a model to package a prototype system at INL.The prototype was tested for functionality, serviceability, and reliability, which then enabled the fabrication of additional units to be used for long-term testing and system performance at INL. Advanced Graphite Creep Capabilities The department has designed six irradiation experiments, with more than 400 graphite and composite specimens in each, to be irradiated consecutively to determine the irradiated graphite creep behavior. It also oversees NQA-1 compliant fabrication and characterization of more than 5,000 graphite specimens for the Advanced Graphite Creep experiment. Pre- and post-irradiation characterization of specimens provides data that will be required to choose, design, and qualify the graphite core of the next High Temperature Reactor (HTR). High-Temperature Materials Test Loop Capability This test loop circulates high temperature helium (up to 1,200°C) past metal alloy materials while controlling part-per-million concentrations of H2 , CH4 , CO, CO2 , and water vapor for up to 2,000 hours.This work is developing an understanding of how nickel alloy materials intended for use in theVery HighTemperature Reactor (VHTR) respond to long term exposure of oxidizing/reducing and carburizing/decarburizing helium environments. ImpedanceMeasurementBox