4 Yidong Xia Computational Mechanics Scientist Ph.D.,AerospaceEngineering,(MinorinGeneral Mathematics),NorthCarolinaStateUniversity M.Sc.,EngineeringinFluidMechanics, NanjingUniversityofAeronauticsandAstronautics, China B.Sc.,Engineering(AircraftDesignandEngineering), NanjingUniversityofAeronauticsandAstronautics, China Areas of expertise: • Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) theories and solution strategies (micro-, meso- and nanoscales) • Advanced CFD algorithms and codes for challenging flow problems in nuclear, subsurface, aerospace, and biomass engineering • Multi-length/time-scale modeling and simulation of strongly coupled multi-species, multi-phase reactive flow and transport phenomena relevant to geofluid/geomaterial research (from sub-micro mesoscale to reservoir-scale) • Multiphysics Algorithm for analyzing the integrity of nuclear reactor containment vessels subjected to extreme thermal and overpressure- loading conditions • Shallow-water-equation code for tsunami simulation and nuclear reactor plant safety analysis • Predictions of aircraft aerodynamics Gorakh Pawar Mechanical Engineer Ph.D.,MiningandEarthSciences,UniversityofUtah M.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,UniversityofUtah B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering, UniversityofPune,India Areas of expertise: • Ab Initio/All-atom/Coarse-grain molecular dynamics simulations • Density FunctionalTheory (DFT) simulations • Parameterization/calibration of reactive force field parameters (reactive molecular dynamics simulation) for novel materials/applications for atomic-scale investigation of fluid/fluid, fluid/ surface chemical reactions • Material characterization: defect analysis, evaluation of structural properties at atomic scale • Monte-Carlo simulation: characterization of adsorption-induced swelling of homogenous/ heterogeneous materials • Computational fluid dynamics/finite element modeling • Microfabrication, Micro/Nanofluidics Expertise and Capabilities Michael Glazoff Nuclear and Materials Engineer, Chemist Ph.D.,NuclearEngineering,UniversityofIdaho Ph.D.,MaterialsScienceandEngineering, UniversityofPennsylvania Ph.D.,Chemistry,RussianAcademyofSciences,Russia M.Sc.,NuclearEngineering,UniversityofIdaho M.Sc.,Chemistry,M.V.Lomonosov MoscowStateUniversity,Russia B.Sc.,Chemistry,M.V.Lomonosov MoscowStateUniversity,Russia B.Sc.,Physics,M.V.Lomonosov MoscowStateUniversity,Russia AcademicCertificate,NuclearCriticalitySafety, UniversityofIdaho Areas of expertise: • Advanced nuclear cladding and fuel materials, enhanced accident tolerance • Materials development for nuclear and non-nuclear applications: automobile, sports, aerospace, marine, and weaponry • Multiscale materials degradation for nuclear and non-nuclear applications • Development of multi-layer (hybrid and laminate) armor and protection systems • Pyroprocessing technologies • Catalysis, coatings, and molten salts • Theoretical chemistry, physics, and mathematics • Artificial intelligence (artificial neural networks) • Atomic/electronic scale numerical modeling of materials for industrial applications • Computational thermodynamics, phase equilibria, molecular statics, molecular dynamics, diffusion modeling (single and multi-component), microstructure evolution and phase-field modeling • Signal analysis, image analysis and synthesis, and feature extraction • Nuclear reactor modeling • Development and application of customized computer codes for electrolyte, chemical processes, and multi-scale corrosion modeling in real environments