9 Subhashish Meher Materials Scientist and Engineer Ph.D.,MaterialsScienceandEngineering, UniversityofNorthTexas B.Tech.,MetallurgicalEngineering, MalaviyaNationalInstituteofTechnology,India Areas of expertise: • High temperature metallic materials • Phase field modeling • Computational thermodynamics, microstructure modeling, and kinetics simulations • Advanced materials characterization and degradation • Chemical imaging using atom-probe tomography SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF NANO-SCALE PRECIPITATES IN A NICKEL-BASED SUPERALLOY, OBTAINED BY ATOM PROBE TOMOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES Cameca Instruments Local Electrode Atom Probe 4000X HR at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies • Atomic scale structural and chemical analysis of a range of materials • Special capability to experiment on irradiated materials • Both voltage and laser mode of evaporation