13 Laura Carroll Senior Staff Scientist Ph.D.,MaterialsScienceandEngineering, UniversityofMichigan B.S.E.,MaterialsScienceandEngineering, UniversityofMichigan Areas of expertise: • Microstructure and mechanical property characterization of high temperature structural materials • Alloy development of high temperature materials for nuclear and non-nuclear applications • Microstructure-property-processing relationships • Deformation mechanisms and microstructural evolution of high temperature materials • Nucleation and growth of hydrides in zirconium and zirconium alloys • Advanced Fe-base austenitic alloys • Dislocation substructures and precipitate bypass mechanisms • Nickel-base superalloys: processing, alloy development, and mechanical behavior • High temperature creep and creep-fatigue, dynamic strain aging Randy Lloyd Materials and Fracture Mechanics Engineer M.Sc.,EngineeringMechanics, VirginiaPolytechnicInstituteandStateUniversity B.Sc.,EngineeringMechanics, VirginiaPolytechnicInstituteandStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Fracture mechanics of metals, composites, and ceramics • Failure analysis and engineering reliability • Hydro-mechanical flow testing – experiment design and instrumentation • Equipment development, design, and fabrication for remote (hot cell) testing of irradiated fuel and structural materials • Characterization of irradiated and non- irradiated materials for nuclear and non-nuclear application, e.g., aerospace • Degradation assessment of nuclear waste storage containers • Optical-based techniques for experimental mechanics (photoelasticity, moire interferometry) research, including data acquisition and analysis. • Acoustic emission and electric potential change (DCP) methods for fracture process monitoring and analysis • System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) development and programming using National Instruments LabVIEW Development environment. • Experimental design and construction for specialized mechanical properties testing: transducers, fixtures, specimens, and test methods Richard N.Wright Metallurgical Engineer, Laboratory Fellow MBA,IdahoStateUniversity Ph.D.,MetallurgicalEngineering, MichiganTechnologicalUniversity M.Sc.,MetallurgicalEngineering, MichiganTechnologicalUniversity B.Sc.,MetallurgicalEngineering, MichiganTechnologicalUniversity Areas of expertise: • Materials for extreme environment application, including high temperature, irradiated, high strength, and corrosive environments • Next generation nuclear power plant high temperature materials • Structure-property-performance relationships in structural materials for fossil and nuclear systems • Advanced austenitic alloys • Synthesis, processing, and property characterization of intermetallics including ultra-high temperature and wear resistant • Powder metallurgy: synthesis, processing, and properties • Processing-property relationships in advanced thermal spray applications • Ceramic coatings for environmental applications • ASME Boiler and PressureVessel Code application to materials and components for energy systems