3 Hai Huang Hydrogeologist Ph.D.,Hydrogeology,UniversityofNevada M.S.,Hydrogeology,NanjingUniversity,China B.S.,Hydrogeology, NanjingUniversity,China Areas of expertise: • Theory and numerical modeling of fluid flow and reactive transport processes in porous media at multiple scales, ranging from mineral-water interface to pore- and reservoir-scales • Molecular Dynamics (MD): modeling of fluid dynamics and transport in nanoporous materials, mineral-water interface reactions, and changes of porosity and mechanical properties • Geostatistics: stochastic modeling of flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media, forward and inverse reservoir modeling and simulation • Numerical methods of multiphase computational fluid dynamics (CFD): mechanistic modeling of multiphase flow in variably saturated fractures and fracture networks, nonlinear dynamics of flow in variably saturated fractures • Numerical methods of continuum and discontinuous computational solid mechanics, fracturing mechanics • Geomechanics theory: physics-based modeling of hydraulic and thermal fracturing of brittle polycrystalline rocks and ceramics • Multiscale multiphysics modeling of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in subsurface energy and environmental applications, e.g., enhanced geothermal system, recovery of shale gas and shale oil, underground disposal of nuclear waste and other chemical waste • Numerical methods for partial differential equations (PDEs): advanced nonlinear solution algorithms for multiphysics modeling of strongly coupled processes Donna Post Guillen Mechanical Engineer Ph.D.,EngineeringandAppliedScience, IdahoStateUniversity M.Sc.,Aeronautics,CaliforniaInstituteofTechnology B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,RutgersUniversity Areas of expertise: • Material development for nuclear power reactor applications • Thermal fluids analyses for energy technologies, chemical and nuclear reactors, renewable energy, energy efficiency concepts • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer: turbulent, multiphase flow in advanced-concept nuclear reactors and synthetic fuel production facilities • Irradiation and beamline experiments • Large-eddy simulations for combustion, chemical reactions, churn turbulent flow • Finite-element thermal analysis for transport casks, reactor processes, and experiments • Waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy processes (anaerobic digestion), thermal hydraulics of flow systems • Advanced payload design for ballistic missiles • Flight dynamics and aerothermal analyses for spacecraft and missile systems • Analyses and design of aerobrakes for Martian surface payload delivery and ballistic vehicle reentry • Mission analysis (NASA Mars Observer), orbital mechanics for key spacecraft parameters, trajectory correction maneuver errors (Earth and Martian environs) • Ground-based reconnaissance platforms with integrated global positioning system (GPS) for target tracking unmanned aerial vehicles • Design synthesis and system validation • Computational methods, tools and software for data analysis, visualization, application development, simulation, design, and programming James Money Computer Scientist and Mathematician Ph.D.,Mathematics,UniversityofKentucky M.Sc.,Mathematics,UniversityofKentucky B.Sc.,ComputerScience,JamesMadisonUniversity Areas of expertise: • Partial Differential Equations (PDE) based image processing/reconstruction/analysis • Numerical solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) and PDEs • Non-linear and linear optimization • Seamless integration of live/real-time/near real-time data sets into various non-immersive and immersive environments • Data science, fusion, and ww • Modeling and simulation using high level architecture (HLA) and distributed interactive simulation (DIS) • Particle physics modeling • Numerical linear algebra • Immersive environments including Cave AutomaticVirtual Environment (CAVE), stereo walls, IQ-stations, and virtual reality headsets • Geospatial intelligence and analtyics • Network and Nodal Analysis • Mobile (iOS & Android) software development