21 Michael Heighes Mechanical Engineer B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,IdahoStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • MechanicalTesting • Design and testing for Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking (IASCC) • Hot cell testing system operation to characterize high-level irradiated structural materials • Development of elevated temperature mechanical testing capabilities • Degradation of irradiated and non-irradiated materials • 3-D computer aided design David Swank Mechanical Engineer M.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,UniversityofIdaho B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering, ColoradoStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Mechanical design and thermal analysis including geothermal plant condenser modification, heat exchanger code verification, gamma densitometer modification, and neutron shutter design • Multi-layer armor and protection systems • Advanced thermal spray coating processes including laser Doppler velocimetry, in-flight laser particle sizing, and in-flight particle pyrometry • Degradation of irradiated (neutron) and non- irradiated materials for very high temperature nuclear reactors EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES Design and build analytical equipment Six spray coating systems • Thermal/Praxair 100-kW Ar-He or Ar-H2 (Plasma) • Metco 100-kW Ar-H2 (Plasma) • TAFA/Praxair 250-kW N2 -H2 (Plasma) • Sultzer 100-kW Ar-H2 and N2 (Plasma) • TAFA/Praxair Kerosene-O2 (HVOF) • TAFA/Praxair (Twine wire arc) • Materials characterization: physical and mechanical properties • Development of castings for metal fuel and alloys SPRAY COATING SYSTEM