1 Gabriel Ilevbare Department Manager and Senior Staff Scientist Ph.D.,MaterialScienceandMetallurgy, UniversityofCambridge,England B.Sc.,IndustrialChemistry, UniversityofIbadan,Nigeria Areas of expertise: • Corrosion and corrosion control (ambient to extreme temperature) • High temperature structural materials for nuclear application • Degradation management of irradiated and non-irradiated materials • High-level nuclear waste storage • Aerospace alloys • Aircraft aging • Coatings development, substrate heterogeneities, and performance of coated alloys • Cement technologies and performance • Management of multimillion-dollar, technically complex, and interdisciplinary projects from conceptualization to implementation Letter from the Department Manager It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to the staff of the Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Department at Idaho National Laboratory. Described herein is a brief summary of the skills and capabilities of the approximately 40 members of the department. We are a committed group of talented, highly motivated, and innovative individuals working as a collective to apply these skills and capabilities. Our goal: enhance the success of critical missions, objectives, and grand challenges at INL, throughout the Department of Energy complex, and worldwide. MS&E has historically been one of the critical engines driving and enabling innovation at INL and across the DOE complex. Indeed, MS&E personnel are routinely called upon to apply their expertise far beyond energy applications. They help solve technical challenges and develop innovative solutions in broad areas of national importance and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We invite you to partner with us and take advantage of our vast skill set and state-of-the-art capabilities for closing knowledge gaps and solving challenges of importance.We would like to demonstrate to you how we empower innovation through excellence in materials-related technologies and knock down barriers to technological advancement. Gabriel Ilevbare, Ph.D. Manager, Materials Science and Engineering, INL ON THE COVER: ELECTRON BACKSCATTER DIFFRACTION (EBSD) GENERATEDTHIS MAP SHOWINGTHE CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC ORIENTATION OFTHE GRAINSWITHINTHETRANSVERSE SECTION OF AWELD IN ALLOY 740H, A HIGH-TEMPERATURE NICKEL-BASED ALLOY FOR ADVANCED FOSSIL FUEL POWER PLANTS.THE CENTER SHOWSTHEWELD REGIONWHILETHE SMALLER GRAINS ONTHE BOTTOM REPRESENTTHE MICROSTRUCTURE BEFOREWELDING.