17 David Cottle EngineeringTechnologist AssociateDegreeofAppliedScience, IdahoStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Materials characterization: metallic and non-metallic • Laser electro-optics, fiber optics, geometrical optics, photorefractive nonlinear optics • NDE ultrasonic testing for fuels and irradiated and non-irradiated materials • Subnanometer acoustic, pulse acoustics, and ultrasonic motions ThomasWalters Measurement and Control Engineer M.Sc.,MeasurementandControlEngineering, IdahoStateUniversity B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,IdahoStateUniversity B.Sc.,GeneralStudies,UniversityofIdaho Areas of expertise: • Material and system property alteration and behavior • Materials and component design, fabrication, field testing, and production. • System component and engineering controls and performance • Failure analyses and materials reliability • Materials characterization DC Haggard EngineeringTechnologist AssociateDegreeofAppliedScience,Electronics Technology,IdahoStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Nuclear graphite characterization and analysis • Materials characterization and testing • Environmental and high temperature environmental testing • Electronics design and fabrication • Mechanical design and fabrication • Design and deployment of thermal and plasma spray techniques and hardware for fabrication including diagnostic systems • Laser systems including argon ion, helium- neon, helium-cadmium, Nd:YAG, excimer, cw dye, pulsed dye, ring dye,Titanium-saffire, and nuclear pumped • Hot helium flow loop for high temperature materials testing in precisely controlled environmental conditions • Material fabrication and repair including centrifugal metal casting and underwater weld repair • Design, fabrication, and weld development of experiments and apparatus for irradiated and non-irradiated systems Arnold Erickson Principal Engineer B.Sc.,Chemistry,IdahoStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Advanced materials development, processing characterization • Pyro-processing of rare earth elements oxides • Silicon carbide joining • Graphite oxidation • Fossil energy materials • Aluminum oxy-nitride materials • Low-level mixed waste encapsulation • Thermal and cold plasmas chemical conversion processes Austin Matthews EngineeringTechnologist B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering,UniversityofUtah Areas of expertise: • Robotics and machinery: design and construction • Rheology • Fluid mechanics • Mechanical testing