11 Robert Schley Mechanical Engineer B.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering, BrighamYoungUniversity Areas of expertise: • Construction and implementation of laser-based techniques for materials characterization including measurement of mechanical and thermal properties experimental systems • Development of X-ray inspection systems • Complex acoustic and optical systems including laser ultrasonics and acoustic microscopy • Special equipment design and construction including remote handling tools • Laser based non-destructive materials characterization David Hurley Materials Scientist and Engineer Ph.D.,MaterialsScienceandEngineering, JohnsHopkinsUniversity M.Sc.,MechanicalEngineering, MontanaStateUniversity B.Sc.,Physics,UniversityofNorthCarolina,ChapelHill Areas of expertise: • Mechanical and thermal properties of nuclear materials • Laser resonant ultrasound spectroscopy and phase-field models of recrystallization • Laser-based post-irradiation techniques for thermal and mechanical materials characterization • Advanced in-situ characterization methods of strain history and degradation mechanism in structural nuclear materials (swelling, creep, fatigue and creep/fatigue, etc.) in high and low temperature environments • Irradiated microstructures and thermal transport in nuclear fuels • Advanced sensors • Photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials • Picosecond ultrasonic characterization of thin films and nanostructures • Theoretical and experimental study of linear and nonlinear acoustics • Light-matter interaction and phonon generation mechanisms • Phonon transport and phonon electron coupling in semiconductors • Phase sensitive common path interferometery for ultrafast laser systems • Pulsed holograph THETHERMAL CONDUCTIVITY MICROSCOPE (TCM) PROVIDES A NO-CONTACT, NONDESTRUCTIVE MEANS FOR ACQUIRING THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY INFORMATION.TWO DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS ARETHE ABILITYTO MAKE SINGLE- SIDED MEASUREMENTS AND RESOLUTION ATTHE NANOMETER-MICRON SCALE.