14 JillWright Metallurgical Engineer M.Sc.,MetallurgicalEngineering, OhioStateUniversity B.Sc.,MetallurgicalEngineering, MichiganTechnologicalUniversity Areas of expertise: • Materials evaluation for elevated temperature nuclear application, very high temperature reactors (VHTR), including ASME code case development • High performance research reactor low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel modeling • Advanced materials development - properties and processing for iron and nickel aluminides - tungsten carbide-cobalt plasma coatings • Finite element modeling with experimental validation - residual stress in layered systems including surface oxides, thermally sprayed coatings, diamond thin films, and functionally graded materials - forming processes including bending, springback, rolling, hot isostatic pressing, and hot pressing • Data mining and numerical computational analyses • Powder metallurgy Joel Simpson Geologist M.Sc.,Geology,UniversityofCalifornia,Davis B.Sc.,GeologyandGeophysics, UniversityofMinnesota Areas of expertise: • Mechanicaltestingandcharacterizationathigh andlowtemperaturesincludingcreep,creep- fatigue,andgeneralmechanicalpropertiestesting • Welding research (Laser,TIG and MIG) • Thermal spray and high temperature coatings • Spray forming THE GLEEBLE SYSTEM APPLIES RAPID HEATING,COOLING, TORSION,TENSION OR COMPRESSION INVARIOUS COMBINATIONS SO ENGINEERS CAN STUDY DIVERSE MATERIALS PROPERTIES. EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES Gleeble System with heating rates up to 1,000°C/sec Expertise and Capabilities