19 TimothyYoder Chemical Engineer B.Sc.,ChemicalEngineering, MontanaStateUniversity Areas of expertise: • Mechanical testing • Materials degradation including thermal creep of graphite • Design and fabricate test equipment • Environmental testing • Pilot plant designing and testing • Calcination of spent nuclear fuel James Lee Electrical Engineer B.S.,ComputerandIndustrialElectronicsTechnology, UniversityofIdaho Areas of expertise: • Customized electronic device fabrication, instrumentation, and control • Irradiation hardening of electronics and measuring instrumentation • Irradiation detection and measurement systems • Advanced electronic detection and measurements • Non-destructive examination including ultrasonic, laser ultrasonic, and eddy current measurements • Equipment interfacing • Noise reduction and shielding • Fiber optics • Field installations, modification, troubleshooting, and repair • System prototyping • Proficient in AutoCAD, ORCAD, PROTEL, LabView EQUIPMENT AND CAPABILITIES HeatTreating: 13 furnaces with diverse capabilities • Horizontal tube furnaces (4) • Sealed-box heat treating furnaces (5) • Aging furnaces (4) • Vertical tube furnace • High temperature (3,000°C) Astro vertical furnaces (2) • Hydriding furnace Materials Handling • Custom built HapticTelepresence Robotic System designed to work remotely in harsh environments • Two inert glove boxes Full Metallography Suite Michael McMurtrey Nuclear Engineer Ph.D.,NuclearEngineering,UniversityofMichigan M.Sc.,NuclearEngineering,UniversityofMichigan B.Sc.,ChemicalEngineering,BrighamYoung University Areas of expertise: • Degradation mechanisms of aerospace alloys • Degradation mechanisms of irradiated and non- irradiated materials for nuclear application • Mechanical testing and fracture mechanics • Advanced materials characterization techniques