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Other Capabilities

spray coating pic.jpgINL’s diverse engineering expertise gives us the ability to design and build analytical equipment to suit specific research needs. Our capabilities also include:
Heat Treating: 13 furnaces with diverse capabilities
- Three horizontal tube furnaces
- Three sealed-box heat treating furnaces
- Four Aging furnaces
- Vertical tube furnace
- Astro vertical furnace
- One hydriding furnace

Metals Joining/Welding 
- IPG Ytterbium Laser System YLS-4000 laser (4kW light output continuous IR laser)
- Automated TIG and MIG weld systems with computer control easily coupled with laser for hybrid operation
- Wills Mills friction stir welding machine equipped with 4-axes dynamometer

Six spray coating systems
- Thermal/Praxair 100-kW Ar-He or Ar-H2 (Plasma)
- Metco 100-kW Ar-H2 (Plasma)
- TAFA/Praxair 250-kW N2-H2 (Plasma)
- Sultzer 100-kW Ar-H2 and N2 (Plasma)
- TAFA/Praxair Kerosene-O2 (HVOF)
- TAFA/Praxair (Twine wire arc)

Materials Handling
- Custom built Haptic Telepresence Robotic System designed to work remotely in harsh environments
- Two inert glove boxes

Full Metallography Suite