Departmental areas of computational proficiency include: Micress; ThermoCalc; Dictra; MorphoSurf; MorphoHawk™; JMatPro SCALE; MCNP5; HELIOS; RESRAD; VASP; LAMMPS; OLI Stream Analyzer; Monte Carlo; ab initio calculations; MedeA; Ovito; VMD; Packmol; Ansys; COMSOL 4.2; CMG; Petrel; Eclipse; LinkCAD; Matlab; Fortran; C; C++ on Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows platforms; Javascript; and high performance computing using PETSc, Trilinos, Tecplot, CUBIT, Comsol, SGeMS, SCons, Java, C#, Unity, ESRI, D3, Mobile (iOS and Android), Maple, Objective-C. 

The Applied Visualization Laboratory at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies provides an immersive experience for data exploration, analysis and visualization science. Capabilities include: 

The Cave Automated Virtual Environment (CAVE)

- Four sided (sides front and floor), 12' x 7.5' high
- 1200x1920 resolution on each screen
- User and object tracking using Advanced Realtime Tracking 
- Three Systems, two Linux based, one Windows
- Primary software is Virtual Reality User Interface on Linux
- Primary software is Unity on Windows

Virtual reality headsets

- Samsung Gear VR
- Google cardboard

Stereo wall

Augmented reality with mobile devices


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