Transmission Electron Microscope.jpgScanning Electron Microscopy
- FEI Quanta 650 SEM, EDS/WDS/EBSD, heating stage
- JEOL JSM-6610V SEM, EDS/EBSD/CL at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies
- Electron Backscatter Diffraction expertise
Transmission Electron Microscopy
- FEI Tecnai TF 30 G2 FEG Supertwin, EDS/ASTAR/Hummingbird heating stage (at Center for Advanced Energy Studies)

Confocal Microscopy
- Nikon 5 laser excitation 32-channel spectrometer confocal microscope

Non-Destructive Evaluation
- North Star Imaging micro-focus X-Ray CT system
- Custom, INL-built portable digital X-ray, digital radiography and CT System (power to 6 Mev)
X-Ray Diffraction
- Two Bruker D8 Advance X-ray diffraction systems
Atom Probe
- Cemeca Instruments Local Electrode Atom Probe at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies
- Custom-built laser spectrometer with hot-cell capability
- Thermal Conductivity Microscope
- Laser Ultrasonics (Nano- and pico-second acoustic capability)
- Laser Resonant Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
- Horiba LabRAM HR800 Raman Spectrometer
- Horiba Jobin Yvon iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer
- Horiba Jobin Yvon Photoluminescence Spectrometer